Be a Hero in your community!

Volunteer Emergency Medical Services

When you call 911 for any medical emergency, the first unit that will arrive to assist you will likely be from a local QRU (Quick Response Unit) or similar 1st responder agency.

About QRUs and EMS

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  • Most QRUs are staffed with volunteers from your community. These volunteers have dedicated their time and effort to become EMTs in order to staff your local QRU.
  • The QRU is called for any medical emergency that is called into 911 in their area.
  • If your area has a QRU, you can bet that if an ambulance is needed your QRU will also show up!!
  • The main purpose of the QRU is to render help at a moment’s notice and to help ambulance personnel when ever needed!!
  • EMT stands for Emergency Medical Technician
  • To become an EMT it takes time and dedication
  • Each EMT must complete at extensive training through the State of Idaho
  • Upon the completion of the training, the EMT must pass the state’s Emergency Medical Services Bureau test, and become certified with the state E.M.S system
  • An EMT must then receive continuing education to keep their certification
  • Each EMT gives their heart, time, and sleep to help people in need
  • QRUs rely on the help of their communities and counties to help keep them in operation
  • Units need vehicles and supplies to operate
  • Donations, contributions, and fundraisers are what keep volunteer units like QRUs in operation
  • All services rendered by your local QRU are free of charge, which is why they depend on your support and contribution to keep them going

Be a Hero in Your Community

By becoming a member/supporter of your local QRU, you are working to make a difference in your community.  Filer QRU is a volunteer organization, and we NEED YOUR HELP!


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