Filer QRU

Quick Response Unit

A little about filer QRU
(Quick Response Unit)

The Filer QRU is a completely volunteer organization providing emergency medical services to Filer and its surrounding areas.

The Filer QRU covers 496 square miles and a population of nearly 10,000 people with its volunteer crew. Members consist of basic and advanced emergency medical technicians, emergency first responders and firefighters.

As emergency responders, the Filer QRU provides BLS (basic life support) for medical emergencies, motor vehicle crashes, fires and rescue situations. Magic Valley Paramedics supports the QRU with advanced life support (ALS). The Filer QRU also provides Emergency Medical services during HS football games, boxing matches, and other community events; as well as education to youth (junior life guards, Boy Scouts of America, and elementary/high school students).


228 Main St.
Filer, ID 83328

Working Hours

24 Hours

Phone Number